Meet the Locals


Claire Haynes

One of the latest business ventures to commence in Broken Hill is a dream come true for Claire Haynes and one that has been a long time coming. For Claire the opening of her new shop, The Tiny Cactus, started as a collection of aspirations she collated in a book. Claire’s passion stemmed from her own line of handmade silver jewellery, which she named Tom and Doris Designs in honour of her beloved grandparents, one off pieces of clothing and a variety of homewares. ‘I am looking to create a vibe that is different, funky and fun. I wanted people to know and feel that when they walk through the door they could be anywhere and are always welcome’…

Helen and Peter Baker

Having raised seven children, Helen and Peter were very happy and reasonably content with living and working in the south east of Melbourne. It was a conversation that Peter had with a friend that prompted the couple to consider visiting and investing in Broken Hill. Peter’s friend suggested that he could purchase a house in Broken Hill for a reasonable price with good rental return per week…

Helen and Peter Baker
Heidi Drenkhahn

Heidi Drenkhahn

Heidi Drenkhahn is a dietitian originally from Eden in New South Wales, currently working for the Far West Area Health Services in Broken Hill. Heidi completed her studies at the University of Wollongong, which led her to complete a five week placement in Broken Hill. After those five short weeks, Heidi was hooked…

Peter Macbeth

Together, with his wife and the two youngest of his three children, Peter made the move to Broken Hill in January 2016, only having visited Broken Hill once before. It was Peter’s work that brought the family to the Far West, having previously lived in Moss Vale. His extensive background in education paved the way to Peter taking on the role of Director of Educational Leadership at the Department of Education and Training. Work may have been the main motivation; however, Peter suggests that ‘a yearning to head back out to rural and remote areas where we spent most of our married life’ also inspired the move…

Macbeth Family