With natural untouched beauty and infrastructure to suit your every need, all within a short distance; to live in the Far West is to live the Great Australian Dream. Historically known as a mineral powerhouse, the region is now also recognised for it’s flourishing agricultural enterprise and large stretches of the world-famous outback. The Far West has a strong economy and is rich in promise, boasting climatic conditions that give this region a unique competitive advantage in many industries. In the Far West you can live the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of living as a result of the short commute times and welcoming culture. This is also complemented by affordable housing, diverse educational pathways and a variety of employment prospects. The vast beauty and tranquility that the semi-arid lands, ranges and rivers have to offer should be enjoyed by all.


Quick Facts
Elevation – 315 m
Post Code – 2880
City area – 170 km²
State – New South Wales
Population – 18,027 (June 2016)
Time Zone – Australian Central Standard Time
Distances from major cities – Sydney 1167 km, Adelaide 508 km, Melbourne 950 km, Mildura 296 km

Getting Here
Broken Hill is accessible via road, rail and air. Head to the Travel In website to find out the best ways to get to and from Broken Hill.