Far West Proud is a community brand that represents and promotes our region, inspiring locals to be proud of their home and encouraging people who live outside of the region to explore what it has to offer when considering that “tree-change”. Whether it’s a local representative team displaying the logo on their guernseys or a local business featuring the poster in their shop window, incorporating the brand into your organisation or business demonstrates that you are proud to be a local and promotes our great region and all that it has to offer.


Would you like to show your sense of community pride? Feel free to use the Far West Proud logo!

If you would like a transparent version of the Far West Proud logo or a simpler version that doesn’t feature the tagline then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll happily send them through.


Would you like to show the world that you are ‘Far West Proud’? Feel free to download and display the Far West Proud poster, it features the winning design from the Far West Proud Poster Challenge.

If you’re unable to print this poster then don’t hesitate the get in contact with us and we’ll arrange to have copies sent your way.