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Troy Scott


18 November 1968

Troy Scott was born in Broken Hill and from a young age aspired to be a speedway racer. His interest in the sport was sparked at age seven by an International Speedway Solo Bike Meeting that he attended in Adelaide, telling his father “that’s what I want to do”. From as early as ten, Troy was riding in Broken Hill’s Minibike Club and at age 16 he was starting to take to a 500cc speedway bike with the Broken Hill Speedway Club, gaining as much experience as possible.

Hungry for more experience at age 21, Troy took his racing career overseas to England and joining the 2nd division team of Wimbledon and consequently made his international debut. Times were tough and Troy had to fight his way through the ranks until he got his lucky break, taking out the Stars of Tomorrow meeting which would lead to Troy signing with the 1st division British League Berwick Bandits, in which he now has a lifetime pass.

In 1992, Troy was selected to represent Scotland in a match against the World team, being able to do this through his Grandfather’s Scottish heritage. Following this period Troy raced in Australia and notably joined the Ivan Mauger OBE, International Solo Touring Team.

In 1995, Troy took to New Zealand, racing consistently and qualifying for the 1995 New Zealand Grand Prix.

A courageous and tenacious racer, Troy won his last race at the Broken Hill Speedway, rounding out his solo career on his home track. Following his retirement, Troy moved back to Broken Hill where he now works as a mechanic for the Broken Hill City Council. The father of two daughters has traded his passion for speedway for camping and fishing.


  • Received “Lifetime Pass” for the Berwick Bandits Racing Team.


1996 – 1997

  • Raced in numerous meetings throughout Queensland, Australia.



  • Raced with Taranaki Tigers in the New Zealand Speedway League.
  • Qualified for the New Zealand Solo Grand Prix.



  • Represented Australia in the Ivan Mauger OBE, International Solo Touring Team.


1993 – 1994

  • Competed for Thuringowa Rebels Racing Team in Townsville, Queensland.



  • Selected to race for Scotland against the World team.



  • Won the Stars of Tomorrow meeting.
  • Signed with 1ST Division British League Berwick Bandits team.
  • Berwick Bandits Team won the Gold Cup Final in the British League, which Troy was a member of.



  • Joined the 2nd Division Team of Wimbledon.
  • Joined the 2nd Division Rhy – House Rockets.