Marina Sulicich

Marina Sulicich
Marina Sulicich
Marina Sulicich
Marina Sulicich
Marina Sulicich
Marina Sulicich


18 February 1964

Born in Broken Hill to Croatian-born parents Vera and Dusan Sulicich, Marina is one of the region’s most prestigious athletes. Her gymnastics career began at a young age, attending classes at the YMCA. Her aptitude for the sport was spotted here by coach Ollie Maywald which would lead to her joining the Broken Hill Gymnastics Club and competing at a state and national level. Marina’s outstanding athletic ability would see her climb the ranks of the Australian gymnastics landscape, starting with a an Under 14 South Australian State Title and an Australian Under 14 National Title in 1976. From here, Marina’s international journey as a competitive athlete begun, competing in open invitational championships all around the world. Her success as a gymnast was championed by her performances in World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.


In October 1978, Marina was profiled by Australian Women’s Weekly. They suggested ‘Australia’s highest hopes – certainly at the World Gymnastics Championships, will be with tiny, 14-year-old Marina Sulicich of Broken Hill who has the grace, nerve, skill and charm to emulate Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci’. Marina’s crowning achievement in her gymnastics career took place in 1980 where she represented Australia at the Moscow Olympics. This was the first time that an Australian gymnast had made the all-round individual finals.

Following the Olympics, Marina retired from competitive gymnastics and completed her secondary education. Today, Marina is a mother of two daughters and works for the Broken Hill City Council. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and reading. In the year 2000, the Olympic torch visited Broken Hill in its campaign to the Sydney Olympics and Marina lit the flame.


  • Awarded the NSW Sporting Blue for gymnastics in high school.
  • Selected for the Roll of Honour by Gymnastics Australia. This selection recognises outstanding performance by Australian athletes, taking into account their performance at the Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and/or other major international events.
  • Awarded the Athletic Award of Distinction by Gymnastics Australia. This award is given to athletes who attend the Olympic Games, Senior World Championships and/or Commonwealth Games.



  • Winner of the Australian Gymnastics Federation’s Olympic Trials for Women’s Gymnastics.
  • Selected to represent Australia at the Moscow Olympic Games in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.
  • Competed at the Moscow Olympic Games in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.
  • Selected as part of the first Australian team to compete in the Women’s Individual All-Round Finals.
    Retired from competitive gymnastics (age 16).



  • State Open Gymnastics Champion.
  • Australia National Open Women’s Gymnastics Champion (3rd consecutive year).
  • Competed as Australia’s only female gymnast in the Soviet Spartakiad Games in Moscow as a prelude to the Olympic Games.
  • Competed in the World Gymnastics Championships in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Received the International Gymnastics Federation Pin which is awarded for achieving a required all round score in an international event.
  • Nominated for the South Australia Sport Star of the Year (finalist).



  • Winner of the Commonwealth Games Trials in Women’s Gymnastics.
  • State Open Gymnastics Champion.
  • Competed in the Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, Canada. Placed 5th individually and 4th as a team.
  • Australian National Open Women’s Gymnastic Champion. (2nd consecutive year)
  • Competed in the World Gymnastics Championships in Strasbourg, France.
  • Nominated for the South Australian Sports Star of the Year (finalist).



  • State Open Gymnastics Champion.
  • Australian National Open Women’s Gymnastics Champion. (at age 13)
  • Competed in the Invitational Games in China.
  • Nominated for the South Australian Sports Star of the Year (finalist).



  • Competed in the Open Invitational Championships in Hawaii and New Zealand.



  • State Under 14 Champion.
  • Australian National Under 14 Champion.
  • Australian National Silver (2nd tier) Open Champion.