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29 June 1978

Casey was born in Broken Hill with boxing in his blood. His earliest memories are of him and his cousins sparring in his grandfather’s backyard. Casey’s Grandfather was Broken Hill’s boxing coach and when he sadly passed in 1985, Casey’s father, Jimmy, took the reins, winning multiple titles as a coach. Casey set his standards high from as young as ten, telling his father that he wanted to compete in the Olympics. Jimmy did his very best to get him there, training and shaping him to become a world champion. Outside of boxing, Casey enjoyed playing AFL, swimming, squash and baseball, of which he was rather talented but his focus was set on boxing and he devoted the majority of his time to the sport. Some of Casey’s earliest memories of success in his boxing campaign are in 1997, where he claimed his first gold medal in the Oriana Titles. 1998 was a milestone year for Casey, competing in a variety of international tournaments and, most notably, representing Australia in the World Cup and Commonwealth Games where he won a bronze medal.

Casey dedicated much of his life to boxing, creating history and raising Broken Hill’s boxing profile. After 11 years of competition, he retired from the sport.


  • Awarded a scholarship to live at the Australian Institute of Sport in 1997 for extended periods, for the remainder of his career.



  • Moved to Sydney as a sparring partner for professional world champion boxer, Kostya Tszyu.



  • Silver in the South Australian Titles.



  • Silver in South Australian Titles.
  • Bronze in the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Elimination final – Win Vs Scotland. Quarterfinal – Win Vs Jamaica. Semi Final – Loss vs Seychelles
  •  2-week acclimatisation in Bangkok, training and fighting with the Thailand Asian Games Boxing Team – 1 fight, win by first round KO
  • Competed in the World Cup in Chongqing, China – defeated, points decision by Argentina.
  • Competed in a competition between Australia and Canada, touring Nova Scotia, Canada – won two fights and lost one.
  • Gold in the Oceania Titles in New Zealand. Quater final – Win by first round KO Vs Vanuatu, Semi Final – Win Vs New Zealand#2, Final – Win Vs New Zealand #1



  • Gold in the Orana Titles, Lithgow, 2 fights, 2 wins
  • Bronze in the Arafura Games in Darwin. Quarterfinal – Win, Saibai Islands. Semi-final loss, New Zealand
  • Competed in the Kings Cup in Bangkok
  • Gold Medal in the Oceana Titles held in Papua Guinea, Semi-final – Win Vs Papua New Guinea, Final – Win Vs Western Samoa
  • Light Welterweight representative, Australian International Boxing Team and member of the 2000 Australian Olympic Boxing Team
  • Challenge match. Defeated Queensland Champion and previous Australian Champion James Stanley.
  • Challenge match. defeated NSW Champion Mark Hipwell.



  • Silver medal Australian titles, Adelaide
  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Remained as part of the 2000 Australian Olympic Squad of 20 boxers training camp held at the AIS, Canberra
  • Gold in the Northern Territory titles
  • Silver int he South Australian titles



  • Selected for the 2000 Australian Olympic squad, total of 60 boxers, trained by Jeff Fenech at the Australia Institute of Sport. Every year this squad will be cut until there is an Australian team of 12 boxers in total.
  • Silver in the Australian Title, Sydney
  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Gold in the South Australian Titles



  • Silver in the South Australia Titles



  • Silver in the South Australian Titles